Forthcoming prohibition to put Titanium dioxide (E171) in foods and food supplements

A new law changes on European level are expected regarding the prohibition to put Titanium dioxide (E171) in foods and food supplements that are manufactured, imported or sold in the European union.


The change will affect a lot of manufacturers and retailers of foods and food supplements. The Titanium dioxide is put in the food supplements for years not as an active substance, but as a colorant. The Titanium  dioxide is also used as auxiliary substance for ready to use soups, sauces, nuts etc.


What caused the change?


EFSA/ evaluated E171 quite recently (2016) and declared it safe for putting in foods. However claims were sent to the European association regarding the genetic toxicity of the E171. Great Brittan and the Netherlands are among the member states to raise concerns in 2019 regarding the evaluation of the safe use of E171. Last year /EFSA/ published new evaluation regarding the safe use of the additive E 171 in foods, that you may find here.


/EFSA/ does not have right to change the laws, nevertheless its expertise is leading whenever changes in food laws are passed.


What to expect following the change?


  1. The Titanium dioxide could not be put in manufactured foods and foods supplements following the prohibition. All food consignments that contain E171 planned for manufacturing should be remade and its formulas changed;


  1. During the 6 months transitional period for foods manufactured prior the law is passed it is important to know the following:


  • Foods containing E171 could enter the market up to 6 months from the date the prohibition entered in force and could be sold until the date of expiration of the said foods;
  • Following the 6 months since the law is passed the foods containing E171 that are on the market could be sold until the date of expiration of the said foods.

Example: All food supplements manufactured today containing E171 could be sold on the market until the date of expiration no matter the prohibition.


When will the prohibition pass as a law?


Taking into consideration the complexity of the procedure it is expected the law for prohibition of Titanium dioxide (E171) to pass in the first months of 2022.


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