Interim measures to protect the production of Bulgarian foods

On the 24.04.2020 were adopted amendments to the Law on the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities, which also adopted amendments to the Law on Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency, announced by a decision of the National Assembly of 13.03.2020.

According to these amendments, as of 04.24.2020 and until the abolition of the state of emergency by an act of the Council of Ministers, temporary measures may be introduced for the protection of the production of food produced on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, its trade and placing on the market in chain of stores. Such an act of the Council of Ministers may also introduce a temporary ban on the import of certain foods from non-EU countries.

Chain of stores within the meaning of the changes are self-service retail outlets for the retail sale of food and non-food goods, where trade is carried out on behalf of and at the expense of one person, the buildings and facilities represent a complex site, which has 10 or more retail outlets on the territory of the country.

The envisaged pecuniary sanctions for non-compliance are in the amount of BGN 15000 – 25000, and in the case of repeated violation – from BGN 30000 – 50000.

In this regard, we recall that on 14.04.2020 The Council of Ministers adopted Decree No. 70 on the provision of basic groups of food produced on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria at the outlets representing chain of stores.


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